Cambian Navigator Privacy & Security

Cambian is a private Canadian software company based in British Columbia and founded in 2000. We develop collaborative applications used by patients and family caregivers as well as healthcare providers, administrators and researchers. We empower patients to participate as partners in their care by providing secure ways to collect and share their health data, receive personalized educational content and communicate with members of their healthcare network.
Cambian applications are highly secure. We have taken significant measures for: data sovereignty (making sure the data stays in Canada); intrusion detection (keeping the bad guys out); encryption (protecting the data); and a variety of other important measures. We have gone through privacy impact assessments and security threat risk assessments, and have lots of experience in this area.

Terry McColl
Vice President, Services
Cambian Business Services Inc.
Suite 1690, 13450 – 102nd Ave
Surrey, BC, Canada
V3T 5X3