Vancouver - St. Paul's Hospital

St. Paul’s clinics are held weekly on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.  Please note that your clinical needs determine whether you attend on Monday or Wednesday. 

There are three locations for the clinics at St. Paul’s.  Our program secretary, Alexia,  will advise you of which location:

  • Rapid Access Clinic – 5th floor Burrard Building, Go in through Main Entrace, take Elevator across from giftshop to 5th Floor, turn right outside of elevator.  Check in with Registration Desk
  • UBC Faculty of Medicine - Clinical Skills Teaching Room – 5th floor Burrard Building, Room 541A.  Same as above except turn left outside of elevator on 5th floor and walk down to Room 541A, right side of hallway and check in with Alexia/Barb
  • Treatment Room – 4th floor West Burrard Building (across from Administration office).  Take elevator across from giftshop to 4th Floor,  turn left off elevator and follow signs to Diabetes Clinic, take ramp up through waiting area and turn right, walk down hall to Room 491 on the left Adult Bleeding Disorders Program (Hemophilia/Hemoglobinopathy sign on door) Check in with Alexia or in Room 491A with Barb.

You may request an appointment by calling our office at 604-806-8855 or toll-free at 1-866-806-8855 or email.