DDAVP is an effective medication to treat or prevent bleeding in some Mild Hemophilia A (Factor 8) and von Willebrand disease patients and who are responsive.  You may read more about DDAVP in this pamphlet. 


DDAVP Appointment process would be as follows:

  • Come to our office (Room 491) and pick up your lab requisition
  • Lab work as baseline
  • Return to clinic for subcutaneous injection of DDAVP
  • Lab work 1 hour later
  • Lab work 4 hours later
  • Lab work 24 hours later (next day)

All lab work needs to be done at St. Paul's Hospital (Main Floor, Providence Building)

Between 4 and 4 hour labs and between 4 and 24 hour labs you do not need to wait at St. Paul's Hospital