DDAVP Testing

What is DDAVP Testing?

In order to evaluate responsiveness to DDAVP, lab testing can be done before and after a test dose of DDAVP in the clinic. Here is a sample schedule of what happens during a DDAVP test/evaluation (please note all lab work needs to be done at the St. Paul’s Hospital lab):

  • Meet with nurse and receive instructions (in clinic or Hemophilia office)
  • Go to lab for first blood sample
  • Go back to nurse for injection of DDAVP (this is done in the arm or abdomen, with a very small needle, similar to an insulin injection)
  • Go back to lab for blood sample 1 hour after DDAVP injection
  • Go back to lab for blood sample 4 hours after DDAVP injection (3 hours after previous blood sample)
  • In some cases, you are asked to go back to lab for final blood sample the next day, 24 hours after DDAVP injection

Reactions and Side Effects

You will stay with the nurse for about 10-20 minutes to assure you do not have a reaction.  Serious reactions are uncommon.  Some patients notice a warm flushing feeling in the face and upper body.  This is not serious, and passes in minutes or a couple of hours.  You may read more about DDAVP in this pamphlet.

Important note about fluid intake during DDAVP testing period:

DDAVP can cause the body to retain fluid.  From one hour before your DDAVP injection, and for 24 hours after the injection, make sure you do not drink more than 1.5 liters of all fluids (6 cups).  This includes all beverages, and foods that are high liquid content (soup).

Your DDAVP Evaluation Results

Your lab tests are usually ready in about a week.  We will create a report that will go to your Family Physician.  We will also book a phone or Skype follow-up appointment with you to review the results.  You will receive a Factor First card to carry in your wallet that will include treatment recommendations for bleeding, which will include DDAVP information if you are responsive.