What you need to do

Before you have a procedure:

  • Tell your physician, surgeon or dentist that you have a bleeding disorder and give them the contact information for your Hemophilia Treatment Center and hematologist provided on your Factor First card.
  • Ask your physician, surgeon or dentist what to expect following the procedure:
    • Is there usually much bleeding?
    • How much swelling or bruising is usual, if any?
  • Advise your Hemophilia Treatment center and/or hematologist of the date and type of procedure that is being planned. This should be done as early as possible, preferably two weeks or more prior to the procedure.
  • Follow the treatment plan set up by your Hemophilia Treatment Center and hematologist (for example, pick up and take medication, as prescribed, have blood tests done).

What can you expect from your Hemophilia Treatment Center/ Hematologist?

  • Communication about your bleeding disorder with other health professionals involved in your care.
  • Development of a plan of care specific to your bleeding disorder and the type of procedure you will be having.
  • Advice regarding what to do if bleeding problems occur in the days following the procedure.
  • If you require home infusions pre and/or post procedure we will set this up for you and a home infusion nurse will contact you to confirm the date and times.  If you do not receive confirmation within a week prior to your procedure please notify our office immediately.