During the COVID-19 crisis we are offering clinic appointments via Zoom or telephone.  Our office will assist you in setting this up prior to your appointment.  Please let us know what you would prefer.    

How to set up your Zoom appointment using  IOS or Android ;Desktop 

 Virtual Health Privacy Guidelines

To prepare for your Telehealth:

  • Please remember to complete your Cambian Navigator pre-clinic questionnaires prior to your appointment.  This will help us properly prepare for your visit and optimize your time with the team.  
  • Have your goals in front of you
  • Make sure you know your current weight
  • Make sure your personal environment is set up as you would like and consider what we may see in the background (privacy)
  • There may be a bit of a time delay so it is important to speak slowly
  • Have the things with you that you would normally bring to an appointment (for example your medication list, braces, gait aid, etc..)

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us H&

For further support on Virtual Health please contact The Citizen Support Help Desk 1-844-442-4433 Hours: Monday-Friday 7 am to 5 pm.   The Citizen Support Help Desk was created by PHC to offer telephone support for patients using the Zoom for Healthcare platform for their Virtual Health Visits (VHV).  For example, installing or accessing the Virtual Health Visit tool, setting up the camera and microphone, or testing the connection.