Vancouver - St. Paul's Hospital


St. Paul’s clinics are held weekly on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.  Please note that your clinical needs determine whether you attend on Monday or Wednesday. 

There are three locations for the clinics at St. Paul’s.  Our program secretary, Alexia,  will advise you of which location:

  • Rapid Access Clinic – 5th floor Burrard Building, Go in through Main Entrace, take Elevator across from giftshop to 5th Floor, turn right outside of elevator.  Check in with Registration Desk
  • UBC Faculty of Medicine - Clinical Skills Teaching Room – 5th floor Burrard Building, Room 541A.  Same as above except turn left outside of elevator on 5th floor and walk down to Room 541A, right side of hallway and check in with Alexia/Barb
  • Treatment Room – 4th floor West Burrard Building (across from Administration office).  Take elevator across from giftshop to 4th Floor,  turn left off elevator and follow signs to Diabetes Clinic, take ramp up through waiting area and turn right, walk down hall to Room 491 on the left Adult Bleeding Disorders Program (Hemophilia/Hemoglobinopathy sign on door) Check in with Alexia or in Room 491A with Barb.



​ ​​When arriving at St Paul’s Hospital… There will be screening at the site entry point with controlled access at the entrance of the facility; greeters/volunteers will conduct screening.  

  • At arrival, you should perform hand hygiene.
  • If you have visible and self-declared COVID-19-like symptoms you will be required to wear a surgical/procedure mask and asked not to attend their clinic visit.
  • If you are not symptomatic, you can wear your own masks during the visit.

Screening at clinic appointment…. Upon arrival, you should perform hand hygiene.  If we have no information you have been screened within the last 72 hours, you will be asked screening questions.

During clinic visit you are reminded to

  • practice respiratory etiquette, such as coughing and sneezing into the elbow, avoiding touching the face, mouth, nose, eyes and, if applicable, mask
  • perform hand hygiene.
  • maintain physical distancing of 2 meters or 6 feet.

After clinic visit…

  • You should perform hand hygiene before leaving the clinic and the facility/building.



  • To reduce the risk of COVID-19 for patients, clients, family and staff, no visitors are permitted for Ambulatory appointments.
  • If you require support to attend, this is to be restricted to one person.  They should be asked to bring their own mask if possible. 
  • Support persons who present with COVID-19 like visible symptoms will not be permitted to enter the facility for the safety of patients and staff.


You may request an appointment by calling our office at 604-806-8855 or toll-free at 1-866-806-8855 or email.