Funding for Clinic Travel

We recognize that coming to clinic takes time, and costs money.  You may be eligible for some support to offset these costs.  The following information will help you determine what support may be available to you.

The Travel Assistance Program of BC (TAP) may be a source of reimbursement for ferry or flight costs.  If eligible, request a TAP form from the Hemophilia Team.  You may find out more about the TAP program HERE

If your round-trip travel to clinic is more than 200 kilometers in total, the BC Chapter of the Hemophilia Society may be a source of reimbursement for some travel costs.  You will require the following to be considered for funding:

  • Membership with the BC Chapter of the Hemophilia Society.  Complete and submit the membership form found HERE
  • A letter confirming you are registered with the Adult Bleeding Disorders Program of BC.  You may request this letter from the Adult Bleeding DisordersTeam. 
  • A funding request form is to be completed and submitted after your appointment.  You may request this form from the Hemophilia Team.

If you have further questions about support to attend your clinic appointment, please contact our office directly 604-806-8855, toll free 866-806-8855 or email