Getting ready for clinic

 Welcome to the Adult Bleeding Disorders Program 

COVID Update:    If you are booked for an in-person visit you will be required to answer screening questions at the time of  booking the appointment and  then within 72 hours prior to your actual clinic visit.    You can complete COVID-19 pre-screening via your Thrive account or the PDF fillable version here  or use an App version here     If you do the latter two options you will need to show this when you arrive - either print out or on your phone.  If you fill it out on your Thrive account we will take care of it on our side and have it printed and ready for your arrival.

When arriving at St Paul’s Hospital… There will be screening at the site entry point with controlled access at the entrance of the facility; greeters/volunteers will conduct screening.  

At arrival, you should perform hand hygiene.

  • If you have visible and self-declared COVID-19-like symptoms you will be required to wear a surgical/procedure mask and asked not to attend their clinic visit.
  • If you are not symptomatic, you can wear your own masks during the visit.

Screening at clinic appointment…. Upon arrival, you should perform hand hygiene.  If we have no information you have been screened within the last 72 hours, you will be asked screening questions.

During clinic visit you are reminded to…

  • practice respiratory etiquette, such as coughing and sneezing into the elbow, avoiding touching the face, mouth, nose, eyes and, if applicable, mask
  • perform hand hygiene.
  • maintain physical distancing of 2 meters or 6 feet.

After clinic visit…

You should perform hand hygiene before leaving the clinic and the facility/building.


  • To reduce the risk of COVID-19 for patients, clients, family and staff, no visitors are permitted for Ambulatory appointments.
  • If you require support to attend, this is to be restricted to one person.  They should be asked to bring their own mask if possible. 
  • Support persons who present with COVID-19 like visible symptoms will not be permitted to enter the facility for the safety of patients and staff.


Prior to your appointment please register for Thrive, a web application we use to prepare us for your visit and you can use to send us information electronically. You will receive a separate email shortly with a link to register for Thrive. Once registered please complete a brief pre-clinic questionnaire(s). It is important to complete these 2-3 weeks prior to your appointment so that we have your updated information to assist us in optimizing your clinic experience.

Fill out the COVID Screening Questionnaire in your Thrive account the day before your appointment.

Thrive Privacy Notice:

Thrive Terms of use:

What to Bring/Prepare for Clinic

  • Bring your Personal Health Care Card and photo ID
  • Prior to your appointment (ideally 2-3 weeks) register for Thrive and fill out assigned questionnaire(s) 
  • It is important for you to bring an up-to-date list of your medications to your appointment (OR this may be completed in the questionnaire that is assigned to you in your Thrive  account)
  • If you are on the home factor infusion program, be sure to have all of your infusion records up-to-date at least a week before your appointment.
  • Wear loose clothing, or bring shorts or exercise wear to make your physiotherapy assessment easier.

For those travelling to clinic, you may be eligible for some support programs to offset costs.  More information is provided HERE.  After reviewing this information, if you have questions about travel to clinic, please contact our office by phone or email.

Remember it is important to notify our office of any medical tests, blood work, or medical/surgical appointments you have had since your last review. This is so we can make sure we have all the relevant reports on your chart for our review before you come.  Having your chart up-to-date with this information will save both you and our team time and result in the most thorough experience for you.